Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Style Icons

Lately I've been thinking about the kind of girl I can vision wearing my collection.
I've been spent ages trawling through Tumblr, Hours researching style icons and I just could not find this dream girl that I'd conjured up in my head.
Until I came across Dani from Kastor & Pollux.
She's so f*cking cool. 
I'd discovered her ages ago via another blog. 
She's like 18 or something and has her own online shop which she co-owns with her best friend.
Im just loving her effortless, laid back & feminine style.
What do you think guys, Isnt she amazing?


RaffaCakes said...

I love the images! The printed bag is awesome!

Daniella x

mari b. said...

gaah, i'm absolutely amazed by her effortlessness. such a truly rad blog-find!

xx //

Izzy said...

oh my wow- your glittered boots-in love. Love the post! Would be lovely if you could sop by my blog sometime :-) Izzy xo

dictionary_of_fashion said...

Love your yellow nails :))
Btw, thanks for your comment. I follow you.

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