Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Print Design

well seeing as im lying in bed with the flu, I thought I would share one of my print designs from the start of the year.
I do kind of like this print, which is weird because I NEVER like my own work
I designed it using Photoshop and some photo's I had taken from a local park.
Maybe it would look quite nice on a silk scarf or something,
I'm gonna try and do a few more like this perhaps?
What do you guys think? 


Allison Young said...

all you used was photoshop? it looks amazing! hope you feel better soon!

FRAN said...

I love this stamping created, it is wonderful. I like very much the 3 layers created with different intensities of color. L as quizña trim (from my point of view), are the rays of light in the form of V. but is just one view.

Un saludo,

Beatrice said...

amazing print!

Anonymous said...

Hi found you on IFB. Love the print it'd look great on a scarf, or maybe on the bottom of a shirt and fade up? Idk. Happy New Year!!:)

Sing Simple

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...



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