Monday, 12 December 2011

Kiko Mizuhara

This 20 year old Korean-American model/actress is nothing short of amazing
She plays the upbeat role of Midori in the forthcoming adaptation of Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood.
Seriously. Watch this stunning face. 
She's making Hot moves.

All Photograph's are taken from An0ther Mag
All garments are from Hussein Chalayan spring/summer 2011 collection


Sabrina said...

Your blog is visually stunning and I can't wait to see more posts soon!

And yes, us fledgling blogs must stick together! :) xxx

Earth VS Air said...

Aw Thank you! so kind x

Danielle said...

Nice photos and thanks for visiting my blog. What do you guys plan to design or create with this blog? Is it more so photography?

LG Studio + Sugar Pop said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Would love to see some of my jewelry on the models one day! How cool! :D Thank you for the love on my page <3

Mary Lou said...

amazing pictures and very artistic blog! of course i follow you!
love and kiss,mary

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